Become A Samaritans365 Ambassador of Kindness

Become an Ambassador of Kindness

As a Certified Samaritans365 Ambassador of Kindness, you will receive:


  1. Years of experience and all of the information you need, step by step, in a 1-hour online training video literally handed to you in a convenient online setting
  2. Videos, files, flyers, lists, contacts, certificates already created and ready for you to use
  3. Contact information and support for anything you need
  4. Club shirts already created and ready for your Samaritans to order
  5. Fundraising ideas for your club
  6. Project ideas for you to present to your participants
  7. Liability Insurance coverage
  8. Child Safety Training
  9. A background check
  10. Membership in an organization designed to inspire all people to positively impact their community and spread kindness throughout the world
  11. Access to other Ambassadors, around the world, to contact and get support from
  12. Endless inspiration

Each Samaritans365 club is managed by at least one Certified Samaritans365 Ambassador of Kindness along with a teacher as support. Ambassadors are given the unique opportunity to inspire our next generation to be generous and giving citizens and provide our children with the knowledge, experience, and understanding of how they can contribute to a better world. Together, they experience a tremendous sense of purpose, reward, and overall feeling of happiness.

There is a minimum of one, and a maximum of four Ambassadors per club. Our intention is to make it as FUN, simple, easy, and convenient as possible for our Ambassadors to create and manage a kindness club by providing a comprehensive and inspiring training program, a plethora of valuable resources, and continued support from our dedicated Samaritans365 family.

untitled2Why go through the Ambassador Training and what will you get?

In 2008, the idea to create a free after school program that would educate and inspire gratitude, compassion and kindness was started. The club was an instant hit! The children blossomed in the conversation, soaked it up, and felt good about what they were learning, doing and creating. Over the years the transformation seen from all of the Samaritans going through the program made it clear it was something very important to the healing of the world and should be offered to all children, everywhere.

After running the club for 5 years and understanding how to best provide this for the participants, it was time to offer this valuable program to everyone in the world. The next year was spent working on a training manual that would provide all of the information someone else might need, step by step, to become an Ambassador and present the S365 kindness club in their community and start making a positive difference right away.

The training is clean and clear. It is filled with information about running the club along with flyers, certificates, lists, speaker contacts, project ideas, and more. The S365 Kindness training is a culmination of years of experience, growing, changing, learning, and sharing.

The Samaritans365 Foundation is now a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that connects philanthropic organizations with children and teens, in the school setting and beyond. Our commitment is to educate and inspire future generations to positively impact our world while spreading the message that KINDNESS MATTERS.

You if choose to take on the gift of becoming an Ambassador of the S365 Kindness club, you will be a part of this very important Kindness Movement. You will forever be a part of contributing and changing our world for the better. It starts in your home and community and blossoms out to the rest of the world.

Our Ambassador training consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. A one-hour Ambassador Training videdo
  2. A one-hour Child Safety Training webinar
  3. A background check
  4. An Ambassador Agreement
  5. A one-time training and certification fee of $150 for adults and $50 for minors

Each Samaritans365 club located within a school must have school administration approval before launching. A great way to enroll your school’s administration is to provide this information to your Principal or Headmaster. You may do this by sharing the videos on our home page with them, along with this page and our “About Us’ section for school administrators. You may view printable versions of these documents by clicking the printer icon below.

Our programs are run solely by volunteers through sponsorships, donations, and additional fundraising efforts. Your one-time $150 Ambassador donation goes toward the growth of the Foundation so that we can continue to inspire and spread kindness throughout the world, so THANK YOU! The Samaritans365 Family honors you and is here to support you always.

laura-kindess-mattersLaura Reiss
Founder and President

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