Become a Kindness Leader


Leadership Program

Becoming a KM365 Kindness Ambassador Leader will be a life-changing experience FOR YOU, as well as for the participants in your program.

Kindness Ambassadors are certified and insured educators, parents, high school and college students, community leaders, and volunteers who undergo our one-of-a-kind training, which is specifically geared to their program participants’ grade level.

We train all Ambassadors with a workshop (video or live options) that aligns with the KM365 Kindness Curriculum © and includes education on self-care, tools for self-awareness and self-regulation, techniques for being teaching-ready / creating learning-ready environments, and all the information needed to run fabulous KM365 programs!

KM365 engages Ambassadors in Continuing Kindness Education (CKE) at least monthly throughout the year to teach and reinforce SEL concepts. KM365 Ambassadors receive annual access to resources and support, innovative materials including an online lesson plan creator, sample lesson plans, robust video resource library, and exclusive, online support forums around the world to share best practices.

Those interested in becoming KM365 Ambassadors must apply for consideration, undergo a third-party background check, participate in training, pass an exam, and enter into an Agreement with KM365. There is a one-time fee to become certified, with scholarship opportunities for anyone who needs one.

Click here to become an Ambassador.


Starting a program takes your kind heart and desire to help kids learn to take care of themselves, each other, and our world. Then, there are two things you need to do:

1 – Become an Ambassador

All Kindness Matters 365 programs are led by certified Ambassadors. This is the most important role in our organization, and as an Ambassador, you will be changing lives and making a difference. We support all Ambassadors with all the resources and tools you will need to run your club. Click here to become an Ambassador

2 – Enroll your School or Organization

Obviously, if you are going to spread kindness in a school or other host organization, you need to work collaboratively with administration and the established policies and procedures. If your administration doesn’t already know about this amazing club, you’ll need to introduce them to who we are and what we are all about, and then secure their approval. Click here to learn more about enrolling your school or organization.


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