Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“Since 2015 when KM365 came to our school, the super magnificent KM365 team has modeled and taught me what is important! This program is the support for so many of us...thank you! Imparting my learning and tools for emotional well-being to my students is the most important goal which is what the KM365 program is all about!”
Allyne C., K-12 teacher
“I am so proud and excited how Kindness Matters 365 teaches our students values they need moving forward – to be awesome, empathetic members of our society. We have implemented the KM365 program in every grade level of our school, and not only do our students love it, but our teachers have seen the difference it makes in their classrooms.”
Allison C., M.Ed, NBCT Elementary School Principal
“We have had the KM365 programming in our school since 2008. As an educator, I can tell you…you can never have enough time to teach kids the social emotional skills that will last a lifetime. So, for us to wrap that into a program with Kindness Matters 365, it’s a win-win”.
Alicia S., K-6 Principal
"Our KM365 Kindness Club students were so excited to know that they were making a difference. They expressed keen insights and generated more ideas than they did before."
Debra C., KM365 Ambassador Program
"Our children, many times, go through life –living on the surface and going through day to day activities without thinking of the effects of the choices they make. Through KM365 Kindness Clubs, our children have learned about making choices with intention - in every part of their lives!"
Jill M., Teacher Ambassador, KM365 Title One Schools Program
“These experiences have inspired the students to start their own charities. They have already brainstormed ideas.”
Lori M., Parent Ambassador, Kindness Club Program