Our Team

Our Team

Laura Reiss photo

Laura Reiss

Founder and Chief Kindness Officer

Laura Reiss has always believed in a world where people support and celebrate each other. In 2008, she harnessed this belief and started the first Kindness program at Sunrise Park Elementary in Boca Raton, FL, where her children were going to school. This kindness movement that began as a single club became The Kindness Matters 365 Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that educates and inspires children about being kind to themselves, others and throughout the world.

Through extraordinary programs nourished with Gratitude, Compassion and Kindness, Kindness Matters 365 equips kids and teens with knowledge and skills for their social and emotional well-being. We empower their exploration and discovery in caring for themselves and each other, today and for the future.

“I am committed to leaving this world better for having been here. KM365 has created what I believe is the answer to empowering people by giving them the tools necessary to powerfully navigate through life and give back, all while being the best versions of themselves.

I believe in a Kinder world and work towards this every day.”

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Karin Levy Gellen photo

Karin Levy Gellen

Executive Director  

Karin is a graduate of Emory University who dedicates her personal and professional life to being in community with others. She brings a depth of experience and knowledge to KM365 in the areas of startups, operations, management, customer service, board governance and talent acquisition. As Executive Director, Karin works passionately to strengthen operations, develop and manage programs and talent, cultivate and integrate the Foundation’s vision, develop curriculum, fundraise, and write/administer grants.

Outside of KM365, she is a Mom to Dani and Andrew, consultant to HopeGel®,  on the Advisory Board of Wish A Book, Board President of Bucks for Buddy, and President at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Karin was formerly a partner for an international talent acquisition firm, a human resources professional and recruiter, and a successful small business owner.

Karin began her involvement with KM365 as an Ambassador Club Leader when her two children were in Palm Beach County public schools; she has been passionately involved with everything KM365 ever since! Karin believes her work at KM365 is her calling – that the Kindness Curriculum is the “juice” that will help our kids discover their social and emotional well-being – and the result will be a better life for our children, and a kinder world for future generations.

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Shari Kline photo

Shari Kline

Shari is not only our longest running ambassador of Kindness Matters 365 programming, but she is also our go-to for in-school and after-school presentations on a variety of discussions including Gratitude, Compassion, Kindness, SEL Topics and Social Media. Additionally, as a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Shari has been working in the field of web design and software development for over 20 years. Shari is grateful for the opportunities that she has had to continue her learning and personal and professional growth through completion of the Landmark Curriculum for Living, Connection Coalition Trauma Informed Training and as a Certified E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor.

 Jamie Mavrides photo

Jamie Mavrides

Ambassador Coordinator


As Ambassador Coordinator for KM365, Jamie is responsible for cultivating a supportive path for all existing KM365 Ambassadors and those seeking to become one. A former KM365 Ambassador, she works to ensure all have ample guidance, tools, and resources to smoothly and successfully operate KM365 Clubs and programs.

Before joining the KM365 Team, Jamie was a Mindfulness Coach at Ben Gamla in Palm Beach. In this role, she observed children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development and behaviors and developed an integrated, hands-on, brain-based curriculum to nurture the whole child. Jamie was also a second-grade teacher at Ben Gamla for seven years, focusing on instilling self-confidence in and encouraging her students to take risks, applauding their trials and successes. She also previously served as part of the Ben Gamla Palm Beach Positive Discipline Association and is a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor.

A 2017 Teacher of the Year honoree, Jamie is passionate about children’s social and emotional well-being and mind and body connection. She strives to help create a more empathetic world and to equip our kids and teens with life skills and strategies to thrive and find inner peace. Jamie currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, with her husband, Dan, son, Eli, and their two dogs, Maxie and Luna.

Mallory McQuail photo

Mallory McQuail

Marketing/Communications Coordinator


Mallory is a longtime communications specialist who brings a wealth of experience managing media relations and marketing for various clients and industries. A seasoned PR pro with a versatile skill set, she graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in English and began her career at a boutique agency in the Philadelphia market. Upon relocating to South Florida, she quickly secured a position with a Boca Raton-based PR agency, followed by six years with a boutique Fort Lauderdale-based firm.

As Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Mallory oversees all branding and communication needs on behalf of KM365, from social media management to annual marketing strategy, content and collateral creation, and provision of promotional support to the organization and its various departments and initiatives. She is thrilled to lend her longtime experience to the KM365 Team, an organization whose values and mission she holds near and dear to her heart.

Mallory resides in Delray Beach, FL, with her husband, Kyle, their French bulldog, Ollie, and son, Aidan. A native of Newtown, CT, she strongly believes that if we raise our children to be good, kind human beings and instill within them that every person matters and a little kindness goes a long way, our world can be a better place.

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Stephanie Blue photo

Stephanie Blue

Finance Coordinator

Stephanie holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she brings a wealth of experience in the analytical finance planning, management, and accounting sector to the KM365 team. As Finance Director, Stephanie oversees all fiscal activities on behalf of KM365, from annual budgeting and forecasting processes, to management of funds across departments, programs, grants, and donor segments, implementation of effective financial processes, and effective communication of financial status to the executive director and board of directors.

As a mother, Stephanie is thrilled to apply her longtime expertise to an organization whose mission is to help the wellbeing of our kids and teens. She currently resides in Boca Raton, FL with her husband, Patrick and daughter, Sophia.