Kindness Contributors

Kindness Contributors

Shari Kline
Ambassador Support & Community Outreach

I began working with the Samaritans in 2012, when it was just a single club at Sunrise Park Elementary School. I have seen so many Samaritan children learn and grow in amazing ways. Not all children are good at the other things that can hike self esteem like getting good grades, being a skilled athlete or gifted artist, but everyone can make a worthwhile contribution in our world. The experience of leading the

Samaritan’s club is a true blessing to me, not only because I have witnessed the club doing good things, but because I know that these experiences will have a lasting effect on who these children grow up to be.

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board_jenniferJen E. Forester
Kindness Contributor

Jen E. Forester has ten years experience in real estate management, including the development and management of budgets in excess of $4 million annually.

She left her successful career in real estate to become a social worker specializing in counseling troubled families. She also became a yoga instructor and taught parents and children how to eliminate stress and find their true selves through the practice of yoga.

Throughout her career, she has witnessed the profound changes that result from self discovery and exploration and believes it is critical to instill this practice into our children. She is a community organizer and visionary dedicated to the development and growth of the Samaritans365 program. Her contributions include establishing contacts within the community, developing measurable goals and policies, marketing, communications, and fiscal projections. She is a mother of two small children, and has helped to raise two step-children from early childhood up through college. She is incredibly passionate about bringing her experience into the community and giving children the opportunity to see how their personal growth and contributions can directly affect others and help to eliminate suffering from our world. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University in 2008.

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Susan Susi
Kindness Contributor

Working full time as a construction field supervisor has never interfered with my desire to give back to the community. I am very people oriented and love to get involved with important causes.

I have volunteered and participated with many events for Special Olympics, and was on the original construction and organizing committee for  building the Betty Straddling Park in Coral Springs, Florida. I truly believe in the beauty that ”giving is better than receiving” and even got my children involved in the movement.   Samaritans365 aligns with my inner soul. I have helped create the Kindness Movement and I am labeled the ”Kindness Dealer”. I am a Super Samaritan, Kindness Dealer and eager to learn and grow with the foundation.

As part of the legacy of the untimely death of my husband, Salvador Susi, who was a genuine family man, friend and honest person I have started the “Salvador Susi Samaritans365 Scholarship Fund”. This scholarship was created by our family and friends to continue Sal’s sincere belief that kindness truly matters. His belief was that only through youth can we strive to achieve kindness and basic goodness. Therefore, the scholarship money will be used to fund a wish list formed by schools to meet their needs. These needs may include starting a Samaritans365 club, supplies for students, educational books, computers, meals, supplies etc. for the students.

Businesses, families and friends can get on board to spread KINDNESS MATTERS by donating to Samaritans365 Salvador Susi Scholarship Fund.

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Desiree Smith
Kindness Contributor

I’m proud to be associated with all you fine people. The cause is near & dear to all of our hearts and networking and spreading this contagious Kindness is the mission. As Samaritans365 continues to grow globally, Elite Digital Marketing will have even a greater reach to work with.

Elite Digital Marketing is a full service Internet Marketing Agency dedicated to increasing our clients’ business through the strategic use of multiple online marketing methods. EDM has its roots in search engine optimization and has added a full list of services, such as Social Media, Local Marketing, Content writing, Analytics, Reporting and more. Keep up the good work!

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Linda Hampton
Kindness Contributor

Ms. Hampton is the founder and owner of Highview Communications, a company specializing in executive coaching and training in the areas of leadership development, communication strategies, talent development, sales, and strategic planning. She has over 40,000 hours in one-on-one coaching. Prior to forming Highview, her career was marked by diversity. She achieved mastery in a variety of disciplines and industries.

In the mid-1980’s, Ms. Hampton served in Denver, Colorado as Director of Operations for East/West Investment Partnership, an international real estate acquisition and development company based in Washington, DC. She was responsible for facilitating the management and development of properties held in eight Limited Partnerships controlling approximately 500,000 s.f. of land valued at over $60 million. She was the public representative of the Partnership in all governmental relations and provided interface between the Partnership and public/private sector agencies and the media.

Ms. Hampton returned to Washington, DC in 1986 and joined the Washington Business Group on Health, a membership organization representing 200 of the Fortune 500 corporations in public health policy issues on Capitol Hill. As Membership Development Director, she developed marketing materials focused at membership cultivation and services. In addition, she established procedures for the formation of two national institutes: the National Association of Health Data Organizations and the Prevention Leadership Forum.

In 1988, Ms. Hampton entered the non-profit sector serving as Director of Development for the Easter Seal Center in Peoria, Illinois where she managed the production of over 30 annual fundraising events including the Easter Seal Telethon. Ms. Hampton’s expertise was then sought by a group of civic leaders charged with creating a year-long series of events to commemorate the 300th anniversary of European settlement. As Executive Director of the Peoria 1691 Foundation, Ms. Hampton created a calendar of nearly 100 community events; a local, state, and national publicity campaign; innumerable educational seminars, and, personally raised $300,000 cash and over $800,000 in donations-in-kind in under 12 months in this community of 120,000. She directly facilitated and managed the involvement of over 1,000 community volunteers. She worked in cooperation with the Illinois Bureau of Tourism to ensure the success of the area’s largest public event.

In 1993, Ms. Hampton formed Highview Communications. She has served as Executive Coach to a long list of business owners from a diverse array of industries, including sales, advertising, banking, real estate, health care, conference planning, veterinary medicine, etc. She has empowered them to create a vision for their business, design and implement a plan for its achievement, and effectively manage and mentor their staffs. Fully 95% of her coaching business is derived from referrals made by present and former coaching clients. She has also developed two training workshops, “How to Ask Anyone for Anything” and “Putting the Value in Selling,” and numerous customized training programs for staff and Board development.

Assisting companies in maximizing the utilization of their human resources remains a primary focus for Highview Communications. Ms. Hampton has served as offsite human resources director for many of her smaller corporate clients. She has assisted them in developing practices and objectives designed to create a corporate culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a highly skilled, competent and loyal workforce. For Highview’s larger clients that have in-house human resources departments, Ms. Hampton has served HR by assisting their key executives in developing the core competencies required for effective leadership and management.

Highview’s corporate clients have included Thomson Reuters, Wells Fargo Bank, Hyatt Hotels, Arise Virtual Solutions, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, and many others. In August of 2013, Linda decided to put to the test her assertion that she could run her business successfully from anywhere in the world as long as she had high-speed internet. She now lives in the beautiful Colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and works with clients all over the world.

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Corbin Stacy
Kindness Contributor

A native of Fredericksburg, VA, Corbin Stacy fell in love with yoga over 14 years ago. Looking for a way to balance his rigorous schedule as a full time Inflight Crewmember at JetBlue Airways, he stepped into his first Vinyasa class in Fort Lauderdale, FL and fell in love.  Yoga quickly became an integral tool for Corbin to stay healthy in mind, body and Spirit.

He received his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification through at The Barkan Method of Fort Lauderdale in 2011 and strengthened his knowledge with their Level II/III teacher training and is currently a registered and insured 500 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance. Blessed to have been able to continue his yoga education but realizing that so many of his yoga teacher friends, students and colleagues found it difficult to afford quality yoga training and education, he felt compelled to create a forward thinking scholarship program. The NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created to support yoga teachers and students with continual learning and development in the yoga of their choice. Corbin is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and deeply committed to “paying it forward, one yogi at a time.”

Corbin has made Fort Lauderdale his home and is currently in the process of launching his own Hot Yoga studio. Diverse experience in martial arts, professional dance, acting, modeling, gymnastics, and cheerleading have all contributed to Corbin’s unique style of teaching. He has been recognized for his ability to craft challenging and fun yoga classes and has created a partnership with various South Florida Yoga studios with guest teaching appearances, fundraising events, retreats and more.

Named a lululemon athletica of Boca Raton Town Center Store Ambassador, Corbin uses his strong presence in the local South Florida Yoga Community to continue to expand the reach and contribution of the NamaStacy Yoga Corporation®. To date, twenty-nine (29) scholarships have been awarded since December 2013 to local South Florida applicants as well as New York, Colorado, and Nevada recipients with other states to follow later in the year. If you’re looking for a fiery and fierce Vinyasa class, find Corbin at many of South Florida’s most successful studios and see how NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® continues to keep “paying it forward, one yogi at a time”.

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Sara Vogel
Director of Merchandise and Ambassador Support

As a devoted Sunday school teacher and stay at home mother I experience first hand the desire of our loving, spirited children to share. I am grateful to have found this organization, which provides that opportunity throughout the community and in a club setting, with a constant focus on expanding it’s reach beyond borders.

The sense of purpose that is developed, as well as contribution to the greater good is a gift that keeps on giving. Uniting with the efforts of Samaritans365 is a match made in heaven. Kindness is one of the few things that multiplies when it is given away!

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Sara Green
Kindness Contributor

Sara Green is honored to work with Samaritans365 in a myriad of ways. From the inception of Samaritans365, Sara and her company “The Give Bag” have been visiting Sam365 Clubs to educate and inspire students on the topic of environmental awareness and kindness to the planet. Through experiential learning, students learn about the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, water conservation, animal habitats and much more!

Additionally, Sara collaborated with fellow Ambassadors to create Kindness in Social Media presentations for elementary, middle and high school students. Sara is committed to inspiring and spreading KINDNESS, LOVE & LIGHT around the globe because she truly believes that KINDNESS MATTERS!

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Mia Paolini
Photographer, Kindness Contributor

Hi! I’m Mia – the owner and photographer of MIALYNNphotography. Working with the Samaritans365 never feels like a chore or something I HAVE to do. It feels right and makes sense. When I first opened my photography business Laura asked if I would donate my photography and time to photograph some of her events. It was during those first events that something clicked for me. Doing something I loved and enjoyed to help and give back to the community was the perfect fit.

I am honored every single time I am able to capture the beautiful moments of children realizing the incredible feeling of what it is like to spread Kindness to others and give back to their community in even seemingly simple ways. Being able to document the beginnings of this wonderful movement  and the spread of Kindness throughout these incredibly challenging times brings a warmth and smile to my soul.

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