Enroll Your School

Enroll Your School for the Kindness Matters 365 Program

In order to start your club, you will need the approval of your school administration.

  1. Meet with Administration (Principal, Assistant Principal, or whomever approves clubs at your school). During your presentation about how a Kindness Matters 365 club can enrich the student body at your school, share:
    • a customized version of Who We Are
    • a printout of Elevating Your Organization.
    • information about what Kindness Matters 365 is all about; be ready to answer administration’s questions!
    • photos and descriptions of club events online for your club age group (click here).
    • our website; invite administration to check out the videos and testimonials on the home page and explore our site. In your meeting, you might even share one of the videos on the homepage to get the conversation started! www.kindnessmatters365.org
  2. Get a sponsor (a teacher or other school employee who will sponsor your club and be the liaison between your club and the school).
  3. Sign and email your School Approval Certification form to ambassadorsupport@kindnessmatters365.org.

Click here to learn how to Become An Ambassador.

Contact ambassadorsupport@kindnessmatters365.org if you need additional material, if you have questions, or if you need additional guidance enrolling your school. Get ready to spread the kindness!