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BOCA RATON, FL (February 14, 2022) – How do we change the world? With one small act of kindness at a time. Join Kindness Matters 365 in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week Feb. 13–19, 2022. Observed annually worldwide, this weeklong initiative that includes Random Acts of Kindness Day® on Feb. 17 celebrates the immense impact that can be made simply by spreading more kindness.

“The work to create a kinder world never ends,” said Laura Reiss, founder, KM365. “Every day has the potential to impact someone’s life in a meaningful way. You can participate in the Random Acts of Kindness movement by showing your appreciation through simple gestures. Do an act of kindness for a stranger, say ‘thank you,’ or smile! There is no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world if we all strive to do a little something to spread kindness each day.”

Throughout the week and on RAK Day, people are encouraged to perform Random Acts of Kindness, ranging from complimenting someone to donating to a favorite charity. The idea is to make the world better by spreading positivity and kindness and lifting others. If you need some ideas or inspiration on how you can take part, here’s a list of 50 simple yet impactful ways you can start spreading kindness today.

50 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness

  1. Phone a Friend or Family Member

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you care.

  1. Leave a Positive Note

Write something nice on a post-it and stick it to a bulletin board or mirror.

  1. Prepare a Meal

Cook for a family member, friend, or anyone who could use a home-cooked meal. 

  1. Volunteer to Do Chores

Laundry, taking out the trash, washing dishes — do these chores so someone else doesn’t have to.

  1. Treat Someone to Coffee

Cover the order for the person behind you in the drive-thru at your favorite coffee shop.

  1. Sit for Free

Be it babysitting or pet sitting, offer to do it for free.

  1. Bring Treats to Work

Bring in some donuts or muffins to let your co-workers know you care. 

  1. Become A KM365 Ambassador!

Be a part of the change and help inspire and help our kids and teens! Click here to find out more. 

  1. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Serve meals, help clean, or babysit for a few hours. Check out Family Promise of South Palm Beach County.

  1. Be a Storyteller

Volunteer at your local library and read stories to kids. 

  1. Hold the Door

Open doors for others or hold the elevator for someone rushing in. 

  1. Put on a Show

Play an instrument or sing at a retirement home.

  1. Leave a Generous Tip

Leave a larger-than-average tip for your waiter or waitress.

  1. Smile

Smile at people passing by instead of staring at your phone.

  1. Write a Letter

Write to someone who has made a difference in your life and thank them.

  1. Talk to Someone New

Reach out to someone sitting alone and get to know them.

  1. Let Someone Cut

Let someone go ahead of you in line and get on with their day a little faster.

  1. Thank the Janitor

And any other service workers who make your life easier.

  1. Give a Social Media Shout Out

Send a social influencer or blogger you follow a DM and let them know you love their content.

  1. Support Homeless Pets

Donate to a local animal shelter (check out the Humane Society for recommendations).

  1. Walk Dogs at the Shelter

Give your time and use an hour or so to walk dogs at the local shelter. Check out Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

  1. Plant a Tree

Buy a seedling and plant it! Check out A Living Tribute and National Jewish Memorial Wall.

  1. Give a Compliment

Tell someone they’re awesome; they have an infectious laugh; they’re an amazing coworker or friend!

  1. Visit a Local Business

Get coffee at a local cafe or buy flowers from a local florist.

  1. Give a Stranger Flowers

Once you buy those flowers, give them to a stranger and brighten their day.

  1. Forgive

Let go of that grudge you’ve been holding.

  1. Get a Manicure or Pedicure 

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a little self-care. And tip a little extra if possible.

  1. Leave Money in the Vending Machine

Treat a stranger to a treat.

  1. Pick Up Litter

Don’t leave it for someone else to pick up.

  1. Donate Coloring Books, Crayons, or Games

Give them to a local children’s hospital or community group like Bricks Busting Boredom or Best Foot Forward.

  1. Donate Your Hair

If you’re considering a haircut, look into donating it to Children With Hair Loss.

  1. Bike or Walk to Work

Or take public transport to help the environment.

  1. Donate Blood

The American Red Cross is always looking for donors, and you could save a life.

  1. Volunteer at a Crisis Hotline

Be a voice for someone in need. Check out organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms to learn more.

  1. Buy a Round

If you’re going out with your co-workers, offer to buy a round of drinks.

  1. Return Your Grocery Cart

And take someone else’s with you while you’re at it.

  1. Take Customer Service Surveys

And leave a positive review.

  1. Switch Seats on a Plane

Let someone else have the window seat or aisle seat.

  1. Donate to A Local Food Pantry or Collection

The Kindness Angels and TLC Little Free Pantry are always in need of volunteers and donations!

  1. Register to Donate Bone Marrow

A longer process, but joining the bone marrow registry could give you a chance to save a life.

  1. Paint Rocks

Add cheery designs, kind words; leave them for someone to find or donate to the Kindness Angels.

  1. Answer a Question Online

If you see someone asking a question on Reddit or Facebook, answer it for them.

  1. Donate with Your Purchase

Sign up for Amazon Smile to support a nonprofit with your online purchases. You can choose from a selection of causes including Kindness Matters 365!

  1. Send Over Dessert

Send dessert to a random table and add the cost to your bill.

  1. Support Teachers

Check out DonorsChoose to support teachers in your community get the supplies they need.

  1. Collect Soda Can Tabs

Donate the tabs to Ronald McDonald House.

  1. Let Someone In

Be a nice driver and let someone into your lane.

  1. Give Spare Change

If you see someone asking for money on the side of the road, give them your spare change.

  1. Leave Snacks for the Mail Carrier

Or UPS driver or Amazon delivery driver.

  1. Write to Soldiers

Write a letter of gratitude for our active military and veterans. Check out Forgotten Soldiers.

If everyone committed to doing one small act of kindness each day, imagine how better the world could be! Random Acts of Kindness Week and Random Acts of Kindness Day® in February help shine a light on the movement but being kind should be celebrated 365 days a year. Follow KM365 on Facebook at @kindnessmatters365org and Instagram at @kindnessmatters365 to keep up with kindness. Visit our Community Share page for a list of organizations and opportunities to give back and get involved.


Kindness Matters 365 (KM365) is an established 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2008, based in Boca Raton, FL, dedicated to supporting the mental, social, and emotional well-being of children and teens. Rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), KM365 programming helps youth transform from feeling worthless to worthy, isolated to included, fearful to empowered, intolerant to kind. Through the organization’s after-school Kindness Clubs, Kindness Anywhere virtual programs, hands-on service projects, and Kindness-In-School initiatives, KM365 services help children and teens develop resilience, empathy, and the skill set to purposefully contribute to society and take care of themselves, each other, and the world. KM365’s life-changing programs support children of all ages, backgrounds, demographics, and socioeconomic groups; so every child can thrive and strive to lead a happy, healthy, and purposeful life. Since its inception, KM365 has grown to encompass over 100 programs in ten states, providing critical SEL-based programming to over 12,500 kids and teens throughout the United States, yielding healthier, more resilient youth, safer environments, and stronger communities. Visit kindnessmatters365.org for more information and stay up-to-date with all things KM365 via Facebook @kindnessmatters365org and Instagram @kindnessmatters365.



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