SEL Day 2021

April 1, 2021 Media


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 Kindness Matters 365 Celebrates Annual Social-Emotional Learning Day –

With Programs Addressing the Well-Being of Students, Especially in This Covid Environment


BOCA RATON, FLA — Kindness Matters 365  (KM365) Foundation will join communities across the globe to celebrate the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) on the Second Annual International SEL Day on March 26, 2021. KM365 provides social and emotional learning programming that equips kids and teens with knowledge and skills for their social and emotional well-being, therefore, empowering their exploration in caring for themselves and each other.

“SEL has always provided important life skills, but now with so many of our kids struggling, now more than ever with this pandemic, their mental well-being is even more critical,” said Laura Reiss, KM365 founder.

At the onset of the pandemic, KM365 pivoted to bring their programming online; they created “Kindness Anywhere” virtual programs for K-12 students across the country that teach social and emotional tools for life. Through these programs, children and teens are provided with the knowledge and skills for social and emotional well-being including: Optimistic Thinking, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness, Social Responsibility, Responsible Decision Making, Personal Responsibility and Goal-Directed Behavior.

“The ‘Kindness Anywhere’ programs are led by the KM365 Foundation team for anyone to join. Kids meet once a month, engage in meaningful conversations, dialogue with kids across the country, give back to the community, and practice important life skills”, said Reiss. “At the lower grade levels, the program is run by adult Ambassador leaders, trained by KM365. At the high school level, the program is entirely led by students who are also trained by KM365, giving them great leadership opportunities, experiences and community service hours.”

KM365 also runs onsite and virtual after-school and in classroom programs nationwide. All programming transforms kids from feeling worthless to worthy, isolated to included, fearful to empowered, intolerant to kind. The foundation’s goal is to bring their extraordinary lessons and community service components to all students nationwide. To learn more about these programs, go to

About Kindness Matters 365

Kindness Matters 365 was started in 2008 by one mom in Boca Raton, FL for a group of 40 children, with a commitment to educate & inspire Gratitude, Compassion and Kindness. Since then the foundation has grown to a successful 501(c)3 non-profit organization with over 3,000 participants including kids in pre-school through high school. KM365 provides Social Emotional Learning and Service based programming that equips kids and teens with knowledge and skills for their social and emotional well-being, empowering their exploration and discovery in caring for themselves and each other. Learn more at,  Kindness Matters 365 Facebook page and Instagram @kindnessmatters365. ###

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