Stephanie Levenston Channeling For Charity

June 26, 2020 Uncategorized

Stephanie Levenston is an intuitive channel who provides readings, guidance and insight into all of life’s journeys. During this small group session, you will receive spiritual coaching/guidance about anything you choose, channel love and healing if you are in need, pain and/or experiencing loss, or just get in touch with your Higher Self. Stephanie’s messages only tune into the highest level of loving energy and guidance; she believes we all have the innate ability to channel and connect to our divine nature.

Your channeling session will be limited to no more than 12 participants, so we can ensure the highest quality channeling and attention for each participant.

Through her “Channeling for Charity” program, Stephanie will donate 100% of the cost of your reservation to KM365. The minimum cost for participation is $55/person, and you can make an additional donation to KM365, should you choose. The donations are tax-deductible.

We invite you to consider this is an amazing experience…even people who have never done anything like this before simply cannot believe what Stephanie taps into, and the profound effect it has on their life and happieness.

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