June 24, 2020 Age - Adult & Parent


The closing of schools brought an abrupt ending to club meetings, but, still, our amazing ambassadors found ways to connect with and engage club members. Several clubs completed service projects such as card writing, sandwich making, and constructing masks, while quarantining! Furthermore, Water’s Edge Elementary School KM365 Club decided to hold a virtual club meeting. Club sponsor, Denise Fish, described the meeting on social media and thanked supportive parents, “You can’t quarantine kindness especially when you can have an online Kindness Matters meeting with the cutest kids!! We talked about being safe at home and some of the silver linings that came along with the pandemic. We also talked about tools we can use when we get frustrated and how to practice happiness. Thank you for sharing these adorable smiling faces with me!” Thank you, Denise, for modeling every day how Kindness Matters.

Since March, the KM365 Covid-19 relief team of Summer Faerman and Sara Green engaged over 300 families to cook and collect food for those in need. Individuals from ages 3 to 98 made 7,813 sandwiches, hard boiled 7,252 eggs, bagged over 10,000 pieces of fruit, and baked approximately 1,200 cakes, muffins, and cookies. Thank you to every person who contributed to this massive effort, and thank you Summer and Sara for making this happen! 

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