Super Kindness Club


Susan Susi

(954) 501-6629

Super Kindness Club
Sal Susi Chapter

Super Kindness Club is a group of like-minded adults of all ages who want to give back time and love to their community. Our mission is to spread the message of kindness by volunteering to various local organizations and non profits. For example, our activities can include preparing food for people in need, collecting donation items, creating care packages, creating artwork and educating our own group through various speakers and forums.

Participants experience great rewards along with  a sense of purpose and joy by giving back to those in need. In return, we develop satisfaction and  friendships with our peers, through these meaningful and important acts of kindness. For more information or to volunteer with this program, please click here to contact the program organizer, Susan Susi.

Click here to view our upcoming events on the Kindness Matters 365 Calendar.