School Assemblies

If you are looking for amazing, effective no-hassle assemblies for your students, contact us! KM365 brings impactful, interactive programs to YOU…addressing issues relevant to your school and community. Some of the topics that get requested most are:

  • Kindness in Social Media and Cyberbullying
  • Self Awareness & Self Navigation (Self Regulation)
  • Kindness to Each Other / Relationship Building
  • Celebrating Diversity: :Finding Commonality Instead of Difference
  • Kindness to Yourself
  • How to Navigate Challenge and Challenging Times

The KM365 team understands kids and teens and how to relate to them. We engage students so they really “get” the message, and then we inspire them to apply what they learned. Our elementary, middle, and high school assemblies provide important information to help kids

  • deal with challenges they face every day, and
  • build their skillsets to cope and have better mental health

Contact us to discuss topics relevant to you, and check for available dates!