Professional Development / Teacher Training

Professional Development (PD)
Continuing Ed for Educators

In person or Online, your Professional Development (PD) can be engaging AND effective! Onsite or online, KM365 provides interactive teacher workshops and training that support teachers and schools with social emotional learning goals.

Educator SEL puts the tools to build solutions

into the hands of the people closest to the issues.

Our one of a kind experiences are aligned with the KM365 Kindness Curriculum © and deliver:

  • Techniques for being teaching ready / taking care of yourself
  • Strategies for creating learning-ready environments
  • Tools to calm the nervous system
  • Education to understand the neuro-science and mind-body science behind each of the techniques and skill sets

In short, educators will learn, experience, and understand information and strategies to address their own abilities to self-regulate and be self-aware. Additionally, they will learn how to apply these concepts in the in-person or virtual classroom to positively impact their students.

Our courses are customized according to your specific needs, so the content and strategies are in alignment with your specified outcomes and objectives. Contact us to discuss topics relevant to you, the possibility of CEU credits, and to check for available dates!