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  • Welcome! We are excited to have you here to sign up for your school Kindness Matters 365 Club! These amazing programs are filled with knowledge and skills for social and emotional well-being, and inspires exploration and discovery of gratitude, compassion and kindness. The result will be kids and teens who take better care of themselves and each other!

  • Can't find a club at your school? Double check with your school/ambassador to confirm that your school is using online club sign up for their registrations. If your school does not have a club for your grade level, click here to join Kindness Anywhere - online programming for students of any age, anywhere OR click here for information about how you can bring a club to your school!

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  • KM365 is committed to providing valuable programs to help our kids and teens, especially at times like these. Through the donations of those who can, we are providing KM365 Clubs free of charge so all students can be included.

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  • Registration for a club here does not guarantee admission to the club. Most clubs have limits on number of participants and entry will be granted on a first come first served basis. Following submission of this form, please watch your email for a message from your club ambassador regarding admission and meeting details.