Category: Time – More than 5 minutes

Resilience in Difficult Times

April 5, 2022 Time – More than 5 minutes

Musician and composer, Jon Batiste, speaks about about finding the joy in life even in difficult times. From an interview with CBS mornings, Jon discusses balancing the great joy and great difficulty happening at the same time in his life: “There is a joy to living that is still available…

Toxic Positivity vs Tragic Optimism

February 22, 2022 Time – More than 5 minutes

All in the Mind Podcast: Toxic Positivity, When Happiness Becomes Harmful Toxic Positivity: being positive all the time to the extent that one refuses to acknowledge, or cannot acknowledge, hardships in daily life. Tragic Optimism:  believing there is hope and meaning to be found in life, even in the face…