Jennifer Einhorn and Laura Reiss, The Samaritans365 Foundation

October 30, 2014 Media

Jennifer-Einhorn-2-The-Samaritans365-Foundation-300x198Jennifer Einhorn and Laura Reiss, The Samaritans365 Foundation

Jennifer Einhorn, The Samaritans365 Foundation Jennifer Einhorn and Laura Reiss wanted to provide their children with opportunities to be of service to others. So, they created The Samaritians365 Foundation, in Boca Raton, Florida, to provide children with the chance to do good.

Their after-school educational program has allowed more than 500 children to experience the satisfaction that comes from acts of charity and kindness to others.

Their activities have included creating care packages for soldiers, doing fundraisers for children suffering from illness, planting organic gardens, and donating hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Their goal is to create programs in elementary schools locally and beyond.

“Our goal is that children of all ages and backgrounds become active and engaged members of their communities and ultimately grow into service-oriented community leaders and global environmentalists for today and generations to come,” said Jennifer.

To learn more about The Samaritans365 Foundation, visit their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: October 31, 2014