Kindness in Schools (KIS)

KM365 Kindness in Schools (KIS) Program

Using the KM365 Kindness Curriculum ©, The Kindness in Schools (KIS) program trains school faculties and administrations to teach their whole student body to be happier, improve their well-being, increase their chances for higher academic achievement, and contribute to safer school environments. Then, KIS provides annual access to the KM365 Resource Library which includes lesson plans, mindfulness tools, project ideas, speaker videos, parent take-homes and other SEL materials. The unique KIS platform addresses a gap found in education by providing children with a formalized approach to learning kindness and the social emotional skills needed to bolster their cognitive intelligence. KM365 KIS provides an immersion experience; when KM365 trains teachers, we are teaching skills that can be employed immediately, and that can be accessed for a lifetime.

This program enables transformation from kids feeling worthless to worthy, isolated to included, fearful to empowered, intolerant to kind.

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