Kind Space

KM365 Kind Space Designation (KSD)

Kind Space Designation (KSD) is a coveted distinction that designates and recognizes K-12 schools, community-based childcare centers, and community programs who make voluntary commitments to:


  • have immediate impacts on the mental health and well-being of children as individuals and the school/center as a whole
  • explore and develop ways to take care of themselves, each other, and our world, and
  • engage in community problem solving


KM365 collaborates with schools and community centers to engage a whole-system program of evaluating social emotional skill level, learning and discovering skills for navigating our best lives, setting goals / taking specific actions to continuously grow emotional wellness as individuals, and strengthening our communities. KM365 provides materials and collateral, resources, training and education, assemblies, service projects, and support to guide the Kind Space designation; practices are implemented and evaluated with the objective to support healthier children, families, schools/centers, and communities.

Completion of the KSD program signifies successful exploration of the KM365 Framework and significant community engagement. Through KSD, children access:


  • Skills and tools that are not traditionally taught in school, such as how to be resilient, grateful, compassionate and kind.
  • How to appreciate diversity, understand and welcome difference, and respect others – so we see a reduction in bullying and an increase in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • How to develop healthier relationships
  • How to have better mental health and well-being



Key components of the KSD program include:


  • Integrated, year-long program that enriches the entire student body with Kindness
  • Meeting plans and activities rooted in social emotional intelligence and service learning
  • Community service projects
  • Relevant assembles for kids
  • Educator training and access to KM365 online, on-demand Ambassador Suite (mindfulness tools, videos, take homes, projects)
  • Campus Kindness Clubs and leadership development opportunities for kids
  • Teacher trainings and Continued Kindness Education modules
  • Continuous support to faculty/administration
  • PTA/Parent workshops

Dedicated programming and coordination to implement the program and ensure alignment with participant’s needs

  • Kind Space Award Showcase and a coveted Kind Space designation


KSD provides the social emotional skills needed to bolster cognitive intelligence, and creates a whole-system experience that will transform kids from feeling worthless to worthy, isolated to included, fearful to empowered, and intolerant to kind.


The Kind Space program makes real impacts on health, well-being, and community building.fetime.

This program enables transformation from kids feeling worthless to worthy, isolated to included, fearful to empowered, intolerant to kind.

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