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Starting a Kindness Matters 365 Club will be a life-changing experience for the kids involved as well as for you! Starting a club takes your kind heart and desire to spread the kindness then, there are two things you need to do:

1 – Become an Ambassador

All Kindness Matters 365 clubs are lead by certified Ambassadors. This is the most important role in our organization, and as an Ambassador, you will be changing lives and making a difference. We support all Ambassadors with all the resources and tools you will need to run your club. Click here to learn more.

2 – Enroll your School

Obviously, if you are going to spread kindness in a school, you need to work collaboratively with administration and the school’s policies and procedures. If your administration doesn’t already know about this amazing club, you’ll need to introduce them to who we are and what we are all about, and then secure their approval. Click here to learn more.

The Super Kindness Club is an adult group of volunteers who go to various local organizations year-round to contribute to that organization’s mission and spread the message of kindness. Their activities vary, from preparing food for people in need, collecting donation items, creating care packages for soldiers overseas, and creating artwork and items needed for children suffering from illness. Some of the organizations served include Forgotten Soldiers, Best Foot Forward, Florence Fuller Development Center, the Chiera Foundation, Boca Helping Hands, and many more.

Participants experience great reward and a sense of purpose and joy by giving back to those in need. also develop friendships with their peers through these meaningful and important acts of kindness.  Click here for more information or to volunteer with this program, please click here to contact the program organizer, Susan Susi.

The Kindness Givers are a group of adults who interact with underprivileged children once a month with a special event. Their sole purpose is to bring the children happiness and fun while instilling the values of kindness, compassion, gratitude and the importance of giving unselfishly to others.

Their activities each month focus on a theme. For example, a Valentine’s Day party included cookie decorating and coloring a heart magnet as well as discussing the importance of being a loving person. Another month, the founder of “The Forgotten Soldiers” came to speak to the children about the men and women who serve and protect us. The activity and “good deed” was decorating boxes that would be filled with items and sent on to our soldiers. “Earth Day” was a combination of the children planting their own vegetables seeds to “nurture” and making a “dirt ice cream sundae” with crushed Oreos and gummy worm toppings! For the summer program we organized a carnival complete with clowns, jugglers, face painting, jewelry making, games, art and treats. The children had a great time with one little boy saying “This is the best day of my life! The Kindness Givers love setting an example for positive change for our youth in their homes, schools and communities.

In order to raise the funds to reach more children we have a program called “Adopt a Classroom”.

To donate, volunteer, or to start your own group, locally or anywhere in the world, please click here to contact the program organizer, Linda Baratz.

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“Thank you for your interest in supporting the Samaritans365 Kindness Movement!  There is no amount too small!  It is because of your generosity that we are able to continue growing and inspiring kindness around the world. The Samaritans365 family honors and appreciates you!”

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Dedicated Kindness – $2,500+

Caring Kindness – $1,500+

Loving Kindness – $750+

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Forever Kindness – $365+

Simple Kindness – $180+

ALL donations are greatly appreciated!

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