Rachel's Kindness Matters Movement

Matthews, NC

FOUNDED 2017-11-13


On September 1st, 2017 my 17-year old daughter lost her life in a car accident.  Many kids from her school shared with us afterwards that she was a very KIND person and that she helped them get through some difficult times.  The irony is that she didn't have a very positive high school experience herself.  So I decided to start "Rachel's Kindness Matters Movement" to try to change the culture in Rachel's high school.
We then heard about the Samaritan365 program and all the success it has had in bringing philanthropic programs to school systems.  The stars were aligning with our mission and Samaritan's with both our marketing statements being Kindness Matters  and Samaritan's colors of turquoise blue being Rachel's favorite.
We launched the Rachel's Kindness Matters Movement at Weddington High School on January 5th 2017.  We created a video that aired that day in every classroom the included many people speaking on the value and need to live in a KINDer world.  We created KIND bulletin boards, and put Samaritan365 and Kindness Matters signs all around the school.


Rachel's Kindness Matters Movement
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Matthews, NC
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