To learn more about how you can bring Samaritans365 to your school, click here.

We recommend that you bring a laptop or tablet into your Principal’s or Vice Principal’s office and show them our short video of a club meeting.  You may also share with them the “About Us” page and the “Bring S365 to your school” page.  You may also print them by clicking the links below:

About Us – for teachers and school administrators

Bring S365 to your school

To learn more about how to become an Ambassador of Kindness, click here.

  • A one-hour online Ambassador Training video and quiz
  • A one-hour Child Safety Training online webinar
  • A background check (18 and older )
  • A one-page Ambassador Agreement
  • A one-time Ambassador donation of $150 for adults and $50 for minors

Click here for detailed information about our training.

We have three volunteer groups that you can participate in. Please read more about each one so you can determine which is the best group for you.

Click here to learn more about Super Samaritans, Kindness Givers and Summer Samaritans.

For information about suspected abuse and your requirements as a mandated reporter, click here.

Click here to contact our Compliance Officer, Andrew Reiss.

There is a minimum of one ambassador and one teacher support required for each club, with a maximum of four ambassadors per club. There MUST be adult support for the High School Kindness clubs.

Click here for our exchange policy and information about how to make and exchange.

Anyone can become an Ambassador at any age, although an adult Ambassador must be present at all Elementary and Middle Schools meetings and events.

No, however a teacher support must be present at all club meetings, and each high school Ambassador must have an adult Ambassador to support them by helping them prepare for the meetings and successfully manage their club. This adult Ambassador can be a parent or other trusted adult. Teacher supports can become Ambassadors if they choose, but it is not a requirement.

We ask for a one-time donation from all Ambassadors which contributes to the growth of the foundation and helps to spread the message of kindness across the world, so thank you! Adult Ambassadors contribute $150, and minors $50. For detailed information about this donation or how to become an Ambassador, click here.