Kindness In Action: Hunger Awareness

April 26, 2022 Age 2nd - 3rd Grade

Even though food insecurity is an issue in our community, we can still make a difference by working together to help all families start their days off with food in their bellies. This month, hold a Cereal4All cereal drive – get the whole school involved, if you can! Kids will donate UNOPENED, UNEXPIRED boxes of cereal; after your collection, drop the boxes at Boca Helping Hands or Subway Boca Greens (see flyer for details). If you don’t live in Palm Beach County or want to support another nonprofit, visit to find a food bank in your area. For those who choose not to hold a drive, kids can create Kindness rainbows, paper flowers, or optimistic notes that will be delivered to recipients of the cereal. MAR23

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